Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy covering the ChipperList website, owned by Chipper List, Inc. ("ChipperList", "We", "Us", or "Our"). Please read this document along with our terms of use before using this website.

Commitment to Privacy

We at ChipperList take your personal info very seriously. Please take a moment to read this Privacy Policy to understand how we will handle your personal information. It is important to read and understand this before you use our site or provide us any information. By using the ChipperList website you agree to be bound by this privacy policy without limitation or qualification. Please do not use this site if you do not agree. We may change, add, or remove parts of this privacy policy at any time. You will need to check this page again for any changes. Your continued use of the website signifies your acceptance of any revisions.

Types of Info We Collect

We store info that you submit to us in forms throughout the website such as name, email address, or information you submit about your loved one. This information may be used to tailor our emails, site, and digital downloads for you. In addition we store anonymous data about your website visit such as your ip address. You do not have to register on the site in order for us to collect anonymous information. We may also collect information from you from other sources such as service providers. This may be used for tracking, marketing, or referrals. This source info could include data about web sites you visited before coming to ChipperList.

All this information is used to provide services that you request, improve features on the site, present better content to you, communicate effectively with you, personalize the content, personalize the advertising, pre-fill forms to help you, save information to market future services to you, or offer you other products that may interest you.

What Information is Shared

We may share information about you with partner companies or people for all the purposes listed here. You may opt-out of sharing your information by choosing to to register for such content on our site or by refusing to fill out such information in a form. Please read each further section below to understand how to opt-out.

We share information you fill out in forms related to senior housing requests with our partner companies. This may include contact information as well as any relevant housing needs you supply. The partner company may contain you by phone, email, or mail based on this information. After we have passed on your info to a partner company, if you would not like that company to continue contacting you then please ask them not to contact you any further.

We may share your information with service providers that help us with company functions such as marketing or business processing. This information will only be used for the purposes they are requested for.

We do not share your information with any third party non-affiliated companies unless you give use permission in your form in advance or we believe this third party service may be of interest to you and your information will be provided to help serve you.

We do share your information as required by law enforcement or federal laws.

Periodic Emails

We will periodically send you helpful resources and advice to you through email. If you do not wish to receive these you may click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of these emails.

Tracking Analytics

Our site may utilize tracking analytics software so that we can monitor which web pages are the least and most popular to help us know where to focus our energy on improvements. This process may involve putting cookies (yes, that's really what they're called) on your computer. The cookies allow the tracking software to know when your computer returns to the site. These cookies are harmless. No personal info is stored in them. And only the info that the analytics software places inside it is ever returned to our website. If you wish to opt-out of this you may disable cookies inside your browser.

Data Encryption

Our site utilizes a data encryption technique called SSL to ensure that any data you type is encrypted before it passes across the internet to our website. This encryption ensures that no one could try to capture the data you are sending to us and steal it.

You can spot this safety feature by looking at the web url at the top of your browser. If it has https at the start then it is encrypted. If it is just http at the start then it is not encrypted.

Site Protection

To prevent the unauthorized access of information we require all workers at ChipperList to keep strong, difficult to crack passwords, and change them regularly. Our system will also kick off all inactive users after a set period of time to further prevent people from accessing accounts after they walk away from a computer. In addition to these safeguards, you can prevent your own account from being accessed by following two important rules:

  • Set Strong Passwords
    Use a password with a mix of small letters, uppercase letters and numbers and punctuation. If you have a combination of at least 3 of those your password will be extremely difficult to figure out.

  • Never Give Away Your Password Outside of Our Website
    We will never email you and ask for your password. If you see any such request do not click on it as it is a scam to get your info. You can verify this by going typing our website into your browser directly yourself (as opposed to clicking the email link which might take you somewhere fake). Any notices from our site would be displayed once you log in.

Other Sites

Our site may contain links to websites we do not own or operate. These websites will have their own privacy policies that you should read. We are not responsible for your privacy on these other websites.

Transfer of Information

ChipperList operates in the united states and is intended for US users only. If you are outside of the US you agree to the transfer of any and all information outside of your country.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or to opt out of promotional materials please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .