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It is our mission to provide transparent listings and help as many families as possible. So we keep our listings free and instead have chosen to finance the business from featured advertising.

The ChipperList Review Process

Every facility we post on our site has to (1) be reviewed by a ChipperList Munk and (2) have their state inspection reports analyzed. It's this combination of subjective and objective analysis that we believe provides you with the most complete picture of each facility. Once that is complete we then combine that information to provide an overral 5-star rating for each community. Here's how that process works.

1 - The Munk Review

Every community must be thoroughly reviewed by a ChipperList Munk before going on our site. "Munks" (get it... Chipmunk) are our eldercare-experts in the field. They tour each community and analyze the quality of the facility, activities and lifestlye, the dining, and most importantly the daily care provided.


Anatomy of a Munk

  • Munks have no relationship with the facility so they can provide a 100% un-biased review.
  • Munks are paid a flat rate regardless of their review so you can always trust their expert advice.
  • All munks hired are experts in the industry who know the nuances of senior housing and what to check for.

2 - State Inspection Reports

The state of California's Community Care Licensing Division, a branch of social services, is charged with routine inspections of each facility as well as responding to any community complaints. Their results from these inspections and complaints are summarized in various social services reports. We scan these reports at the State offices and post them online for you to read.

Download State Reports

And we go one step further! The reports are complicated to read so we summarize each of the violations so you can see at a glance how they have performed year over year. You can't find this easy to read information anywhere else.

Violations Graph Violations List