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Why ChipperList Advertising

Hundreds of people are performing online searches for senior housing in your city each week on ChipperList. ChipperList Ads offer targeted advertising to increase your exposure to searches in your area and nearby community pages.
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ChipperList Advertising
ChipperList Featured Ads
Your ad is featured at the top of search results

Targeted Local Advertising

Advertise on ChipperList Search
ChipperList Ads can appear in a variety of places, including on search result pages, so that users searching in your area will see your community by ChipperList's natural search results.

Advertise on Related Communities
Ads are also placed on the pages of nearby communities in your housing category.

Removal of Competitor Ads
Advertising on ChipperList will remove competitor ads from your ChipperList community page, allowing you to keep the focus on your community.

Direct Leads

Call to Action Button
A Call to Action button is displayed prominently on your community profile to drive customers to "Schedule a Tour" or "Request a Call" directly with your business.

No Competing
All website inquiries on your community page are sent to your desired business contact via email or phone. Inquiries are NEVER sold to nearby communities so there's no competing over leads.

Inquiry Screening
Our staff of eldercare experts are available to screen website inquiries before they are sent to you business to ensure that all leads are qualified and legitimate.
ChipperList Web Inquiries Sent Direct
Inquiries on the website are emailed directly to you - never sold
ChipperList Photo Slideshow
A ChipperList Professional Photo Slideshow
ChipperList Virtual Map
A ChipperList Virtual Map

Profile Enhancements

Photo Slideshow
Your community page will get an unlimited number of rotating photos shown prominently on your community page. You have the ability to arrange them in any order you choose. You can provide your own photos or hire a ChipperList professional photographer.

Virtual Facility Map
Let potential customers engage hands on with your community using ChipperList's patented virtual map, combining photos/videos of your community embedded within an interactive building map.

There's no better way to show off what's great about your community than with a high-quality video produced by a professional videographer.

Deals and Offers
Prominently featured on your ChipperList page, deals are community created incentives used to drive inquiries to your community. Capturing both desktop and mobile users, ChipperList Deals can increase the likelihood of users selecting your community over the competition. Examples include "$500 Off Move-In Fees" or "Half Off Your First Month's Rent".
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